Course Levels

Thai classes start at $7.40 or 230 THB

It isn’t really important to know which level you are at right now as we will discover this together.  The different levels show what is typically taught, but this is not a strict course ware situation.  Learn what you want and need to start then we can build on that foundation. 

Beginner Level

This level will focus on learning a few key elements of Thai language as well a basic vocabulary. Along with the basics this level will learn listening and speaking skills that can be used immediately. This speaking skills will depend on your personal daily activities and what you want to learn.


This level will start out with a review of the basics and expand accordingly. We will focus on pronunciation and learn some of the letters of the alphabet that help in learning at this level. We will be creating more advanced sentences and will expand on listening to different Thai voices to improve on understanding.


At this level the focus is on improving the basics such as tone and difficult sounds as well as adding new vocabulary and advanced sentences / conversations. This level also includes conversations with different (Live) Thai people to learn to understand different accents.


Design your own course based on your business or personal needs. The custom level requires a commitment of at least 12 classes.



For students outside of Thailand please use the PayPal payment links below.  If you would prefer other payment methods, this can be arranged during your Free evaluation class. 

Students residing in Thailand can choose either the PayPal option or direct bank payment from a Thai bank account.  Thai banking information available upon request during the FREE evaluation class.

Per Class
270 Thai Baht ($9)
30 minute online class
6 Class Package
1500 Thai Baht ($48.40)
6 30 minute online classes or
3 60 minute online classes
(250 Thai Baht per 30 minute class)
12 Class Package
2760 Thai Baht ($89.03)
12 30 minute online classes or
6 60 minute online classes
(230 Thai Baht per 30 minute class)