Pronouns and Verbs

Pronouns with Verbs

he goes

kao bpai

we are

rao bpen

you want

khun yak

I am

pom bpen

they watch

kao doo

we eat

rao gin

you come

khun ma

we buy

rao suer

she wants

kao yak

he is

kao bpen

we make

rao tam

you go

khun bpai

I think

pom kit

they have

kao mii

he said

kao bpok laeo

you eat

khun gin

I come

pom ma

you pay

khun jai

they make

kao tam

we speak

rao poot

I buy

pom suer

she goes

kao bpai

I watch

pom doo

we think

rao kit

I want

pom yak

we have

rao mii

you came

khun ma laeo

she makes

kao tam

they said

kao bpok laeo (past tense)

you look

khun doo

he ate

kao gin laeo (past tense)

I will walk

pom ja dern (future tense)

you play

khun len

I paid

pom jai laeo

you will make

khun ja tam

we do

rao tam

you think

khun kit (wah)

she says

kao bpok

I drove

pom kup laeo

they eat

kao gin

we like

rao chop

you will watch

khun ja doo

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