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Learn to communicate in Thai

Books and Videos are great for learning vocabulary, but putting that knowledge into real-life interactions is where Poot Thai Geng comes in.

Results driven lessons

As adults, our learning style is much different from  that of children.  However many schools and teachers don’t understand this.   Learning for adults must have results quickly. 

Real-Life interactions

My system works because is uses the knowledge you already have to convert it into real-life interactions you have on a daily basis.  This builds confidence and give a foundation to learn more.

Convert to passive learning

Once a foundation of understanding the Thai language is developed, the learning will become passive.  I will teach you the skills to learn Thai on a passive level. 

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There are four courses currently being offered.  30 minute classes start at just $9

  • beginner (literally zero knowledge of Thai language)
  • Intermediate (some vocabulary but can not communicate in Thai).
  • Advanced (some communication skills but need to improve the tones, accent and sentence structure)
  • Custom (design a course around your own business or personal needs)


I have known Geng for over a year and have been impressed with his Thai since the first day.  I think he is great at teaching Thai to foreigners. 

Chuck Goodrich (Hua Hin Thailand)

My Story

Hi, my name is Todd, but most people call me Geng.  Geng has been my “Thai” nickname for the past 20 years.  I first came to Thailand in 2000 and instantly fell in love with the country and the culture.  Except I didn’t like that I was unable understand anyone and had to reply on people to translate for me.  So when I was back in America, I decided to take some Thai classes at the local Thai temple.  

After a few months I was bored and decided to try learning on my own.  I thought it would be fun to learn some Thai music and watch Thai videos to start learning about the culture.  So that’s what I did.  I found some music that really liked and some movies to help my listening skills.  

A few years later I moved to Thailand permanently.  I continue to learn everyday but in a passive way.  From my experience in both learning as well as teaching Thai and English online I have developed a system that builds a solid foundation that is quick, fun and easy because it fits into your lifestyle.  

My “Real-Life Thai” method starts from what you need to know to start basic communication quickly, then we develop your knowledge from there based on what you enjoy, your daily routine and topics that are of interest to you.  

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To get an idea of my Thai language skills, watch some videos with my wife and daughter as we go about our daily activities.